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Your education program touches every area critical to your plan's success. The number of employees who participate, how much they contribute and how well they invest their savings are all tied to their knowledge of the plan and their understanding of how to make the most of it. The higher the enrollment rate, the more successful your plan becomes. Retirement Solutions, the investment provider and your financial advisor have taken great care to put together a comprehensive and effective curriculum to assist you and your participants in making informed decisions every step of the way. Our educational efforts begin with enrollment and continue through the duration of an employee's lifetime. Retirement Solutions and your financial advisor will work with your employees to answer questions and take them through the steps of the enrollment process.


Pre-enrollment: Helping Announce Your Plan

To introduce employees to your plan and its benefits, we offer a host of communications that inform, motivate and set the stage for smart retirement planning. A series of materials - including announcement letters, company articles and printed materials - promote meeting attendance, enrollment and plan participation.


Enrollment Presentation

  • Gives employees an in-depth look at retirement income needs and how to prepare for a financially secure retirement
  • Presents the benefits designed into your specific plan.
  • Demonstrates the mechanics and benefits of participating in their plan to help reach their goals


Investment Information

  • Presented by your financial advisor during the enrollment meeting
  • Fund fact sheets
  • Concepts of asset allocation


Ongoing Communication: Staying on Track

We also provide a wide variety of tools for participants during their participation in the plan. Planning for retirement is an ongoing process that extends far beyond the enrollment presentation. The more your participants understand about the plan, the more likely they are to contribute regularly and allocate their assets wisely.


Participant Statements

  • Quarterly statements mailed to participants homes keeping them informed of portfolio performance

Post-enrollment Presentation

  • An educational presentation that helps participants stay on track toward their retirement objectives as frequent as desired by plan sponsor