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Provided a census of your company, we will construct an illustration comparing up to five distinct plan designs tailored for you and your employees.  Please submit the "census request" spreadsheet by e-mail to Plan Illustrations.

Vendor Search
Once satisfied with a thorough understanding of your needs, Retirement Solutions will:
  • Evaluate high-quality providers based upon your criteria,
  • Identify those providers who fit your needs and plan parameters and
  • Identify the solutions available to your Plan's financial advisor.


Vendor Candidate Selection

Retirement Solutions matches your Needs Assessment to the results of the Vendor Search. One or more of the vendors will emerge as viable candidates, based on their ability to meet the challenges of your plan requirements.


Finalists Presentation and Vendor Selection

The leading vendors are reviewed by you and your financial advisor for proper selling arrangements and investment offerings and fee structure. You'll select the appropriate vendor and then proceed to the implementation phase.