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AdvisorNews - August 2017
New Department of Labor “Fiduciary” Rule Goes Into Effect
Last Minute Fiduciary Rule Check-In
The disclosure 401(k) advisers may be missing under the DOL fiduciary rule
Shifting DCIO distribution offers opportunity for 401(k) advisers
4 Reasons For 401k Advisors to Partner with TPAs
AdvisorNews - June 2017
How 401(k) advisers can create effective financial wellness programs
Solving for Data Transparency in the Retirement World
AdvisorNews - April 2017
The Ins and Outs of the DOL’s Best Interest Contract Exemption
DOL Issues Temporary Enforcement Relief for Fiduciary Rule Non-Compliance
How will you offer value under the fiduciary rule?
Final Extension of Applicability Date
What is the Difference Between a 3(16), 3(21), and 3(38) Fiduciary?
AdvisorNews - February, 2017
B.I.C.E.: Financial Advisors Beware
In DOL/Post-DOL Fiduciary World, RIAs Need to Re-Differentiate
Best Interest Contract Exemption: Hedging Against the Possibility of Changes to the Department of Labor Fiduciary Rules
Why the new fiduciary rules spells opportunity for RIAs
Breaking Down the 3 Key Elements of the DOL Fiduciary Rule
AdvisorNews - December 2016
Improving your business by partnering with a TPA
Savvy advisers will accept fiduciary status
What advisors want from retirement plan record-keepers
Mutual Fund Share Class Evaluation: A Focus on "Net" Costs
AdvisorNews - October, 2016
A Brave New World for Investment Advisors Following Issuance of Final Rule
DOL issues final fiduciary rule on investment advice
Tips For Drafting Best-Interest Contracts Under DOL Rule
Change is coming to the field of financial advice and it’s going to be disruptive
Hundreds of thousands of 401(k)s up for grabs after DOL fiduciary rule
AdvisorNews - August, 2016
A bright outlook helps retirement planners shine
That 'safe' retirement investment is about to change
The Two Minute ERISA Fiduciary Liability Risk Management Challenge
A Roth 401(k) Could Make a Difference in Retirement
Protecting Plan Sponsors and Plan Participants Under the BICE Exemption
AdvisorNews - June 2016
Target Date Funds Are Not the 401(k) Solution
Brokerage windows in 401(k) plans
Q&A on the DOL's Fiduciary Rule: BICE & PTEs
DOL Fiduciary Rule’s Conflict-of-Interest Split Personality
AdvisorNews - April 2016
What does Retirement Plan “Best Interests” Really Mean for the 401k and IRA Fiduciary?
How to Explain Fiduciary Duty to Clients
Labor Department Poised to “Reform” Retirement Savings at Small Businesses’ Expense: 7 Reasons You Should Be Worried
Six steps for thriving in a tougher fiduciary climate
Retirement Plan Options for 1099 Employees
AdvisorNews - February 2016
The DOL’s Fiduciary Rule: Where It’s Going
Why Plan Sponsors Search for New Advisers
Advisors need to document all they do for sponsors
DOL fiduciary rule to turn plan advisors into fiduciaries 'overnight'
Should plan sponsors consider working with an RIA?
AdvisorNews - December 2015
DOL's fiduciary proposal: significance for plan sponsors
Impact of the 401(k) Court Ruling on Advisor
What are the benefits of managed accounts?
Leading Questions to Discover Sales Opportunities
AdvisorNews - October 2015
Four Signs an Advisor Will Grow His Business This Year
Impact of the DOL’s Fiduciary Proposal on Participant Investment Advice
How Retirement Advisors Really Add Value to 401(k) Plans
Does the DOL’s fiduciary rule favor fee-based brokers?
The Impact of the 401(k) Court Ruling on Advisor
AdvisorNews - August 2015
When Retirement Bucket Portfolios Meet Multiple Retirement Accounts
Worried About Fiduciary Rule? 2 Options for Brokers
The U.S. Department of Labor’s New Proposed Rules Defining Fiduciary Investment Advice
New Prohibited Transaction Class Exemptions and Amendments to Existing Class Exemptions
U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Duty to Monitor Plan Investment Options
AdvisorNews - June 2015
Advisers Can Differentiate With Financial Wellness
Want 401(k) Business? 4 Things to Know Now
Five Reasons to Consider Teaming with Local TPAs
Investors in U.S. With 401(k) Value One-on-One Advice Most
6 Core Components of Your 401(k) Business Plan
AdvisorNews - April 2015
Can Dabblers Exist in the DC Market
Desire for Financial Advice Is on the Rise
Traditional to Roth: How to Help Your Clients Understand In-Plan Conversions
Why is 69 1/2 the IRA Owner's most important age?
Broad Strokes of New Fiduciary Rule Outlined by DOL
AdvisorNews - February 2015
How Advisors Differentiate
Looking Beyond Past Performance in Manager Selection
Creating a Sound Way to Choose TDFs
Retirement Specialist Advisers Do More for Plan Sponsors
Does Your Value Proposition Resonate?
AdvisorNews - December 2014
How to help 401(k) plan participants deal constructively with their investment worries
The future of retirement plan advising
Revenue sharing is on the decline in 401k plans
Five Reasons to Consider Teaming with Local TPAs
Advisers Can Break Down Savings Barriers
AdvisorNews - October 2014
Brokers begin to break into the 401(k) market
Finra warns against conflicts in retirement-plan rollovers
7 services to expect from your 401(k) investment adviser
IRA Rollovers: A Checklist for Documenting the Discussion
Four myths about small businesses and benefits
AdvisorNews - August 2014
401(k) Investment Committee Topics
Survey Shows Large Opportunity in Small Plan 401k Market
5 Critical Components of a Plan Diagnostic Test
Am I an ERISA/401k Fiduciary?
46% of financial planners have no retirement plan
AdvisorNews - June 2014
Participants seek help with 401(k) plans, survey finds
7 Basic Investment Concepts Every 401k Participant Must Understand
Six Ways to Show Value and Squeeze Out the Competition
Why employee benefit brokers are teaming with 401(k) advisers
Demand rising for 401(k) advisors
AdvisorNews - April 2014
Participant Behavior and What It Means to Maximize It
Small-Plan Market Can Be Big Opportunity
Small Businesses Care About Retirement Too
New Retirement Trend: Managed 401(k) Plans
The danger of risk tolerance questionnaires
AdvisorNews - February, 2014
New Product Evaluates Target-Date Funds
Fiduciary Obligation to Select Appropriate Share Classes
Reenrollment: Better process, same great benefits
Small business owner retirement plans, the bad and the good
DOL Releases Fiduciary Tips for Selecting Target Date Funds
AdvisorNews - December, 2013
The Adviser-TPA Enrollment Tag-Team
The best pension plan has a good TPA-Advisor partnership
401(k) Plan Admin and Payroll Integration heats up
Retirement Plan Season Begins Now
Davis-Bacon Plans
AdvisorNews - October 2013
Advisers pitching 401(k) plans: Do your homework
Uncertain regulatory climate hasn’t put damper on TPA market
Study Reinforces Importance of Advisers’ Role
DOL Offers Tips on the Selection and Monitoring of Target Date Funds
Sole Proprietor 401(k) — Still A Great Plan Design
AdvisorNews - August, 2013
Small biz owners share how to become their ‘trusted adviser’
A beginner's guide to working with 401(k) plans
5 Reasons to Choose a Traditional 401(k) Over a Roth
401(k) plans present a wealth of opportunities for advisers
Advisers can accept rollover business from plan participants -- sometimes
AdvisorNews - June 2013
Firms offer advice on Roth 401(k) transfers
Third Party Fiduciaries – Myth and Reality
Four myths about small businesses and benefits
5 steps to building your advisor business in 2013
New regs leave 401(k) biz 'wide open' for advisers
AdvisorNews - April, 2013
A beginner’s guide to working with 401(k) plans
The pros and cons of a benefit practice offering retirement plan services
Surprise! Plan sponsors chose advisers based on comfort, fit — not pricing
6 ways to prove your worth to a plan sponsor
On the Benefits of Unbundled 401(k)s
AdvisorNews - February 2013
Roth: Best Thing Since Sliced Bread
3 Common Investor Mistakes All Retail and 401k Investors Should Avoid
Small retirement plans, big opportunities
How Plan Sponsors Select Advisers
Check your providers, protect your clients
AdvisorNews - December, 2012
Unintended consequencesERISA 408(b)(2) fee disclosure may lead to less service and options
What RIAs must know about hidden, and excessive, fees in serving as fiduciaries to a 401(k) plan
See-Through 401(k) Fees May Lead to Churn;Transparency on costs could lead to unbundling, provider switches
Can’t Get Your Foot in the Door?
DC plan participants don't understand risks and allocations
AdvisorNews - October, 2012
Participant Fee Disclosures for Brokerage Windows
Retirement Plan Service Provider and Investment Fee Disclosures: More Work To Be Done
How Well Do You Know Your B/D?
Financial Advisors Turn to the 401(k) Market for More Business
Not Making The Grade
Use of managed 401(k) funds on the rise
Are Your 401(k) funds money losers?
AdvisorNews - August, 2012
New DOL Regulations Impact Plan Sponsor
The Day After 408b2 Effective Date: What Happens on July 2, 2012?
Broker-dealers covered under new fee disclosure regs
408(b)(2) Disclosures for Solicitor’s Fees
The Checklist for the Ideal 401k Investment Due Diligence Process
401(k) Plan Brokerage Windows and Participant Fee Disclosures
AdvisorNews - June, 2012
The Ten Commandments of Selecting a Mutual Fund as a 401k Option
The habits of successful retirement plan advisers
DOL rule threatens DC plan brokerage windows
AdvisorNews - April, 2012
changes on deck for 2012
Big opportunities
Advisors Obligated
AdvisorNews - February, 2012
final rules
AdvisorNews - December, 2011
Deferred comp
AdvisorNews - October, 2011
AdvisorNews - August, 2011
AdvisorNews - April, 2011
AdvisorNews - February, 2011
AdvisorNews - December, 2010
AdvisorNews - October, 2010
Sponsor Newsletters
SponsorNews - August 2017
The IRS is Back with Some Brand New Corrections
Who gets a cut of your retirement plan fees?
Does Your Small Business Buy Into Bogus 401(k) Misconceptions?
Benefit Opportunity Results From Weak Markets
Delinquent Form 5500 filers find help
401k Document Retention Rules Made Simple
Selecting 401k Service Providers: Determine the Professional Help You Need Before You Shop
SponsorNews - June, 2017
Employee or Independent Contractor?
11 benefits to add to your financial wellness program
What It Means to Be Prudent Under ERISA
How to blend active and passive options in your 401(k) plan
Four reasons why we still may need Employer Plans
Avoiding 401k Fiduciary Liability Doesn%u2019t Need to Be Difficult
SponsorNews - April 2017
401k Participants Should Leave Investing to the Pros; Focus on Saving
U.S. Supreme Court Rules on Duty to Monitor Plan Investment Options
How Retirement Advisors Really Add Value to 401(k) Plan
The Advantages of Unbundled 401(k) Plans
3 kinds of issues 401(k) sponsors have
SponsorNews - February, 2017
Managing a Plan Vendor Change
6 ways the DOL says its fiduciary rule is new, improved
5 Misconceptions about Sponsoring a 401(k) Plan
Rules for electronic disclosure of plan documents
Finding Lost Participants: Best practices from the new DOL guidance
SponsorNews - October, 2016
Employer Action Required Following Issuance of Final Rule
The DOL's New Fiduciary Rules for Retirement Investment Advice
Questions to ask a Recordkeeper
Can employers email plan documents to employees?
IRS Expands Auto-Feature Voluntary Correction Safe Harbors
SponsorNews - August, 2016
5 Tasks Every 401k Fiduciary Must Do Right Now
Modifications to Safe Harbor Matching Contribution Requirements Have Taken Effect
7 Reasons for Begging Your Employer to Offer a Roth 401(k)
What should plan sponsors do about inactive retirement accounts?
the Value of 401k Investment Services Will Be More Critical Than Ever
SponsorNews - June 2016
Target Date Funds: Are They Right For Your Plan?
What ERISA numbers need to be decoded Now?
Getting Correct Information from Plan Sponsor Clients
401(k) Nondiscrimination Tests Explained
SponsorNews - April 2016
IRS Significantly Liberalizes Permitted Mid-Year Changes to Safe Harbor Plans
Apples or oranges in your 401(k)? The ideal 401(k) recordkeeper will let you pick either
Finding the Right 401(k) Match Look at the bottom line to determine a match that can be sustained
Where Oh Where Could They Be? Finding Missing Participants Under the New DOL Guidance
Employee vs. Independent Contractor – Seven Tips for Business Owners
SponsorNews - February 2016
Five Items that Impact the Amount Your 401(k) Participants Need to Retire
Target-Date Funds Decoded
The Best Solution for Uncashed Checks
Qualifying Longevity Annuity Contract (QLAC) is Here
Roth Post-Tax Versus Traditional Pre-Tax Retirement Savings
SponsorNews - December 2015
DOL Guidance to Locate Missing Participants
Breaking Up (with a Recordkeeper) Isn't Hard to Do
Terminated Plans Can Rollover Lost Participants
Ensuring Participant 401k and loan repayments meet DOL regulations
Small Business Owners Struggle with Retirement Prep
SponsorNews - October 2015
Why Hire an Unbundled Service Provider?
Employer Contributions Key to Retirement Saving
Trading salary for a higher 401(k) match
More Rules Than You Think: Vesting Schedule Changes
Retention of Plan Documents
SponsorNews - August 2015
The Search for the Right TPA
ROTH Post-Tax versus Traditional Pre-Tax Retirement Savings
Many Reasons to Offer 401(k)s (Including Owner’s Retirement)
Fiduciary responsibility: 4 areas to watch
Contribution Rate Inertia Poses Major Problem
SponsorNews - June 2015
Required minimum distributions for 5% owner
Excess Elective Deferrals
Which type of fiduciary should plan sponsors hire?
Investment Policy Statement
Addressing the lifetime income stream issue
SponsorNews - April 2015
Revenue sharing is on the decline in 401k plans. Three reasons why it will soon be gone altogether.
5 Ways to Avoid a DoL Audit of Your 401(k) Plan
Changing Employee Benefit Plan Vendors? Tips for a Smooth Transition
Avoiding the Hardship of Correcting Hardship Distribution Violations
Proposed DOL fiduciary rules positive for plan sponsors
SponsorNews - February 2015
It’s Time to Restate Your Preapproved Defined Contribution Plan…Again!
Caution urged for auto features on 401(k) plans
A four-step plan to cull 401(k) rolls of the accounts of terminated employees
ERISA and Department of Labor Guidance Relating to Plan Expenses
DOL investigating outsourcing of employee benefit plan services
SponsorNews - October 2014
5 Critical Components of a Plan Diagnostic Test
Selecting An Auditor for Positive Audit Experience
Top Steps for DC Plans to Take Next Year
How to reduce employee cravings for 401(k) loans
DOL set to take a look at 'brokerage windows' in 401(k) plans
SponsorNews - August 2014
401(k) Record Retention: How Long is Long Enough?
Add In-plan Roth Transfer; Amend by December 31, 2014
IRS Issues Notice on Expanded In-Plan Roth Conversion Option
Mid-year Amendments to Safe Harbor 401(k) Plans
Reducing or Suspending Safe Harbor 401(k) Matching and Nonelective Contributions Midyear
SponsorNews - June 2014
The Social Security Letter Forwarding Service is being discontinued
Are Unmatched 401(k) Contributions a Good Idea?
Definition of "Spouse" and "Marriage" under ERISA and the Supreme Court's Decision in United States v. Windsor
Top Ten Things All Employees Should Know About Their 401k Plan
401(k)s: It’s about outcomes, not features
SponsorNews - April 2014
Developing a Fiduciary File Cabinet
SIMPLE IRA plan to 401(k) Plan - Important Deadline!
The 80-120 Rule: Does Your Retirement Plan Require an Audit?
5 Reasons to Consider a Solo 401(k)
The Retirement Saver’s Secret (as in “Under Appreciated”) Weapon
SponsorNews - February, 2014
8 things to know about fiduciary liability
More Small Businesses Offering Retirement Plans
The Five Big Lies of Retirement Planning
Debate over fees clouds real issue
Seven Reasons Plan Sponsors Need Retirement Plan Advisors
SponsorNews - December, 2013
Five Retirement Myths Worth Changing
Small business owner retirement plans, the bad and the good
Participation rates at all-time high, savings rates not keeping up
A Decade Later, Workers No More Likely to Calculate Retirement Needs
United States Supreme Court Decision on DOMA
SponsorNews - August, 2013
Maximum Compensation for Self-Employed
Roth or Regular: Which 401(k) is Best?
Uncertain regulatory climate hasn’t put damper on TPA market
Taking credit for starting a retirement plan
Spring-cleaning your organization's retirement plan
SponsorNews - April, 2013
Why You Need To Consider Retirement Plan Advisor Due Diligence
7 Simple Saving Secrets Every 401k Investor Should Know
5 Retirement Myths to Avoid
The Anti-401(k) Agenda Continues
SponsorNews - February 2013
Don’t Let The DOL Regulatory Posse Hang You
408(b)(2) Ruminations from the Field
The Easiest Way to Reduce Personal Fiduciary Liability for Plan Sponsors and Other Non-Professional Trustees
Fiduciary Responsibilities for a Plan with Self-directed Brokerage Accounts Only
Failure to Provide Safe Harbor Notice Correction
Costly Mistakes:  Many plan sponsors get tangled in 401(k) rules and regulations, risking penalties and lawsuits
Firms offer advice on Roth 401(k) transfers
SponsorNews - December, 2012
Plan sponsors on retirement readiness: You can only lead a horse to water
408(b)2 fallout - So we know our fees. Now what?
Education/Advice:Roths Revisited
2 steps to reduce 401(k) fiduciary liability
Are 401(k)s still part of the package?Yes … with some changes
SponsorNews - October, 2012
Providing clarity to your 401(k) participants: A story of disclosure
Participant Fee Disclosures for Brokerage Windows
Retirement Plan Service Provider and Investment Fee Disclosures: More Work To Be Done
Requirements for Distributing Participant Disclosures
What Small Businesses Should Look for in a 401(k) Plan
DC Plan Sponsors Should Focus More on Deferral Rates
IRS Stops Forwarding Letters for Missing Participants
SponsorNews - August, 2012
10 fee disclosure facts every plan sponsor should know
If Roth 401(k) were a human being, he would be going through an existential crisis.
5 more ongoing 401(k) plan myths debunked
Secret to a 401(k) Plan’s Success: The Income Replacement Ratio
Five steps that can improve monthly income in retirement
Fee disclosure steps for plan sponsors
SponsorNews - June, 2012
The Five Big Lies of Retirement Planning
Record Retention Guide
Six ways to prepare for the first benefit plan audit
Offering a 401(k) Plan: Easier Than You Think
New Survey Reveals How 401k Plan Sponsors Rank 8 Hot Topics
SponsorNews - February, 2012
SponsorNews - December, 2011
SponsorNews - October, 2011
SponsorNews - August, 2011
SponsorNews - April, 2011
SponsorNews - February, 2011
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